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"Healing with Horses"

For just $1 per day, you can support your favorite member of the Winslow herd!

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Your donation, means you provide nourishment such as grain, hay, and water to the working therapy horse of your choosing! More than one person can support any of our horses and you can support as many horses as you'd like! For just $1 per day, you can help your favorite Winslow horse stay happy and healthy as they transform the lives of all who meet them! In 2019, our herd provided over 9,000 therapeutic riding sessions to children and adults with disabilities. Your generous donation towards your favorite Winslow horse will help fund the care of our animals and the development of our programs so that we can continue to provide this valuable and unique experience to more deserving individuals.

Your support towards your favorite Winslow horse is needed for just $1 per day, with your 30-day commitment (minimum). Simply choose your favorite horse from the drop-down list above and click on "Donate". Your recurring monthly donation can be stopped at any time and you can also choose to change your donation amount upon signing up. As a supporter, you will receive recognition on our Facebook, website, and in our facility.