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"Healing with Horses"

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Therapeutic horseback riding produces smiles, laughter, friendship, and healing. We see children and adults every day who improve their physical, cognitive, social, and emotional well being by learning to ride in our therapeutic environment. We believe that every person, no matter what the challenge, can benefit from riding. Individuals who possess a desire to learn about horses and riding in a manner that is natural, relaxed, centered, and in harmony with the horse and rider, are excellent candidates at Winslow.

Winslow helps individuals with disabilities develop skills and knowledge through a multi-dimensional learning approach. Participants learn: how to care for their horse; how to find their way around a barn; barn management; arena management; mounted and unmounted skills; and they develop deep connections with their horse through constant hands-on experiences. We offer a variety of programs including summer camps, teen groups, youth groups, and adult day program, and much more. Learn about all of our programs at https://www.winslow.org/winslowprograms/.

With your donation, this unique and life-changing experience will be possible to all who wish to learn.